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Prix net : 2950€ - $3450
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The International Certificate in Corporate Finance (ICCF) is rapidly becoming the benchmark certification in the field of corporate finance.

Since 2014, more than 6,000 current and aspiring financial professionals have pursued the ICCF certification.

ICCF provides a baseline set of knowledge for students, employees and employers in the three key areas of Corporate Finance :

  • Financial Analysis
  • Valuation
  • Financial Decisions


A series of three 6-week online courses brings the best research-based executive education to business leaders around the world. The program was built by thought leaders of theory and practice and has become the first truly global certification in corporate finance.

Each course includes 4 weeks of theoretical learning and a 2 to 3 weeks major case study.

The ICCF @ Columbia Business School certification is awarded upon passing the 2-hour final exam. The exam may be taken in any Pearson VUE center around the world, in 150 countries.

À propos

Les objectifs de cette formation

  1. The goal of Financial Analysis is to diagnose the past in order to understand the present and try to predict the future. This course provides students with a clear, simple and effective methodology, enabling them to successfully complete financial analyses independently.
  2. The Corporate Valuation course presents the main methods and approaches. You will learn the nuances of these methods and approaches, and develop an understanding for how they are applied to real-world situations.
  3. With a clear vision of a company’s financial health and of its valuation, you are now equipped to make Financial Decisions. This course presents the main concepts and operational tools in this domain, in order to make sound decisions or to give the proper advice: should this investment be made? How should it be funded?

Les points forts du certificat

Access premium content while staying in control of your schedule.

Learn in an engaging and enjoyable virtual environment.

  • 100% online program with state of the art virtual campus (videos, quizzes, real-life case studies, masterclasses)
  • Work-life compatible. Get certified in only 5 months, 3 – 5 hours a week

Benefit from permanent support

Continuous exchanges with the faculty, learning coaches and fellow students via the forum and once a week via webinars. Organization of physical or virtual meetings to prepare real-life case studies. Very detailed learning analytics that make you aware of your progress.

Get a prestigious certification

Delivered by one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. and recognized by the largest banks and international companies, after validation of your skills acquired through the 3 case studies and a final exam of 2 hours that you can take anywhere in the world in a Pearson Vue.

Expand your network

Develop and strengthen your professional network in corporate finance.

  • Join FFI Alumni community: more than 8000 like-minded professionals from 40+ countries to accelerate your career
  • Join Columbia Business School Executive Education community
  • Take part in school events

Référent scientifique de ce Certificat

Un programme pour comprendre et agir...


ICCF @ Columbia Business School by Professor Charles Jones :

ICCF @ Columbia Business School comprises three 6-week Online Courses and three case studies:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Investment & Funding Decisions

The three courses and their case studies require approximately 96 hours of work, over the course of five months.

The coursework prepares you for the ICCF final exam which can be taken at any Pearson VUE center around the world.


ICCF @ Columbia is designed so as to allow executives to improve their skills without interrupting their career.


1. New resources and assets are proposed every week.

  • Work at your own pace, see the videos as many time as you like.
  • Do the quizzes and ask (and answer!) questions in the forum, exchange with peers, teaching assistants and the faculty.
  • Meet the faculty once a week, in the virtual classroom.


2. Put what you’ve learned in practice with Case Studies, at the end of each of the 3 courses. We do encourage work groups and exchanges between students.


3. At the end of the three courses, prepare for the Final Exam. 120 questions that you have to answer in 120 minutes, at a Pearson VUE center of  your choice.


The program is open to all! There is no selection or conditions to fulfill. However, like any Columbia Business School program, it is demanding and will require you to invest some time and efforts.


Beyond the designation-we are believers that “You will only get as much as you put in” to the program.



The goal of Financial Analysis is to diagnose the past in order to understand the present and try to predict the future. The learning objective of this course is to provide students with a clear, simple and effective methodology, enabling them to successfully complete financial analyses independently.

Professor Shivaram Rajgopal

  • P&L account
  • Cash-flow statement
  • Economic asset
Week 1: Margins analysis

Introduction to financial analysis:

  • Why perform financial analysis?
  • Common mistakes
  • Roadmap and structure
  • First part: Margins analysis
  • Concept
  • Added value
Week 2: Investment analysis

α. Acquisition of fixed assets

  • State of depreciation of fixed assets
  • Investment policy: state of depreciation of fixed assets vs. Capex

β. Working capital requirements

  • Concept
  • Characteristics
  • Calculations
Week 3: Analysis of financing

α. Dynamic approach

β. Static approach

Week 4: Analysis of profitability

α. Economic profitability

  • Concept
  • Measure

β. Return on equity

  • Concept
  • Measure
  • Limits

γ. Leverage

  • Concept
  • Measure
  • Conclusion


Weeks 4, 5 and 6: Case study


This course presents the main methods and approaches in corporate valuation. You will learn the nuances of these methods and approaches, and develop an understanding for how they are applied to real-world situations.

Professor Daniel Wolfenzon

Week 1: Overview of the different methodologies

α. Why value corporations?

β. Two methods, two approaches

  • Direct approach, intrinsic method
  • Direct approach, relative method
  • Indirect approach, intrinsic method
  • Indirect approach, relative method
Week 2: Multiples

Selecting multiples

  • Application to case study
  • Average, median and regression
  • Which years to consider?
Week 3: Discounting free cash-flow
  • Application to case study
  • Cost of capital
  • Common mistakes
  • From economic asset valuation to capital valuation
Week 4: Further thoughts
  • Patrimonial methods
  • Opco and Propco methods
  • Caveat
  • Conclusion
  • Further thoughts
Weeks 4, 5 and 6: Case study

Une formation qui a fait ses preuves

Ulrich Tambe
BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking, Paris, France
« It’s a great pleasure for me to announce that I’ve passed ICCF @ Columbia Business School. I would like to thank all of the FFI teaching assistants and all the professors for their assistance during these courses. I strongly recommend the program to anyone who is willing to enhance their skills in Corporate Finance, particularly: Financial analysis, Corporate Valuation and Investment and funding decisions. »

A attribué la note de :

Michelle Gerrand
Starbucks, New Zealand
« The course is helping me re-evaluate how I look at my business. As a result of what we’ve covered so far, I reviewed our performance and realised our depreciation approach over-sold the life of certain assets, which inspired me to identify alternative investments to extend the life of those assets instead of writing them off. The first course paid for itself and I’m looking forward to the rest of the programme. Although our brains are being stretched more than they’ve been in a long time, we’re both enjoying things and are glad we decided to give the ICCF programme a go! »

A attribué la note de :

Jaco Liebenberg
Pricipal Specialist, Sasol Corporate Finance, South Africa
« A more balanced and time-efficient short course on the practical and theoretical aspects of Corporate Finance would be hard to imagine. The high quality and well-structured content enabled quick learning of key concepts whilst the online delivery of all study materials allowed the workload to remain manageable, even with a busy professional life. »

A attribué la note de :

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