Pablo Garcia Estevez


Doctor in Business Administration (UCM) and Master in Financial Entity Management (IEB).
Certified Capital Market Specialist (IEB) and Private Banking and Financial Markets Specialist (IEB)

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He has acted as an expert in more than 50 court cases, and has done a lot of financial consulting work for various companies.

Professor's biography

Accredited by ACAP as a medical professor. Accredited Capital Market Specialist (IEB) and Private Banking and Capital Markets Specialist (IEB). Microsoft Excel Certified Specialist. He has published nine books on stock markets and financial management. He has several articles on risks in national and international journals. His research focuses on artificial neural networks in financial markets. He has presented papers at a dozen national and international conferences. Create programs with Visual Basic and MatLab. He has taken several refresher courses at Harvard (Cambridge, USA) and Madrid. Among other facilities, he teaches finance at the Master CUNEF, CU-Cardinal Cisneros and Rey Juan Carlos University. Financial advisor to the company, director of applied financial research at Black Swam.


At the same time, he has acted as an expert in more than 50 legal proceedings, and has carried out numerous financial consultancy jobs in different companies.

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